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Wiha Picofinish Screwdriver Esd Tweezers Smartphone Tech Set - 11 Piece Set

Wiha Picofinish Screwdriver Esd Tweezers Smartphone Tech Set - 11 Piece Set

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Wiha PicoFinish Screwdriver, ESD Tweezers Smartphone Tech Set (11 Piece Set)

The Wiha PicoFinish precision screwdriver set has all the sizes you need to repair the latest iphone's and devices.  Exact fit tips in sizes Y000, Pentalobe PL1, Torx T3 to T6, and slotted and phillips, plus ESD Safe tweezers

The premium roll up pouch securely holds your screwdrivers when no in use. Just unroll to get to work on fixing a Smart Phone or smart watches, or whatever device you need to repair. You can be confident in Wiha's precision machined tips and quality controls used in manufacturing to ensure an exact fit into the smallest screws like the Y000.

Precision Sizes Included:

PH #000 x 134mm OAL
PH #00 x 134mm OAL
PH #0 x 150mm OAL
T3 x 134mm OAL
T4 x 134mm OAL
T5 x 134mm OAL
T6 x 140mm OAL
Pentalobe (5 Lobe)
PL1 x 134mm OAL
Triwing or Y-Type
Y000 x 134mm OAL
1.8mmx0.3mm ~ 1/16&quote; x 134mm OAL

ESD Safe Tweezers - 125mm
ESD-Safe Static dissipative material
• Made From Special alloyed, non-rusting, stainless Steel
• Anti magnetic and acid resistant
• For all current Electronics Applications

Precision Screwdrivers
• PicoFinish Slotted Screwdrivers
• Cushion grip handle for comfort and control
• Dual durometer construction for long-lasting durability
• Handle direct molded to blade for a permanent bond
• Hex profile finger grip for precise torque and control
• Tapered handle for rapid rotation
• Extra-long cap for optimal hand positions and smooth turning
• Tip profile labeled on cap for easy identification
• Handle sized proportionate to the blade for consistent mechanical advantage
• Wiha engineered premium quality tool steel for strength and durability
• Chrome-plated satin finish for corrosion protection
• Exact fit precision machined tip for reduced cam-out

Rugged Pouch
• Crafted of rugged polyester canvas for long lasting durability
• Features 10 compartments for orderly tool storage
• Fits tools up to 170mm in length for storing a variety of precision tool sizes
• Interior top-flap for keeping tools secure from falling out of roll
• Elastic closure for keeping roll-up pouch securely closed


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